Thursday, 23 June 2011

Come nuclear apocalypse, there will be only two survivors... cochroaches, and The Blue Aeroplanes

So, it seems like we're settling down into two kinds of review of The Blue Aeroplanes' new album 'Anti-Gravity'.

It's a fairly even split between the kind of review written by a gnarly old rock boy who knew of them in the early 90s and whose take is generally along the lines of 'great band; talking/singing not always to everyone's taste but should have been bigger than they were; this is a great record but they're unlikely to be bothering the charts again anytime soon'. But we knew that, didn't we?

Exhibit one: AAA music

Then you have the kids. They're pretty flummoxed. Actually exhibit two, by James Swatton for Live Music Scene, is a glowing review: ".. Album highlight ’Oak-Apple Day’ ... combines gorgeous finger picked acoustics with sweeping slide guitar flourishes, and violin, which combines to create a sumptuous whole that shows off the bands masterful grasp of melody."

But even he's not sure about the old talking/singing: "For every listener who loves his singing style, another one will be put off, but that is a statement that can be made about any aspect of the group. The band positively embrace their art-rock moniker, often to the detriment of commercial success or accessibility". But we knew that too, didn't we? Didn't we?

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